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The most Effective tips to make money on online reddit

Can you actually make money online Reddit? Yes, you can. Today Donald Review will show you the best way to make online money reddit but be sure that you won’t skip any step in this guide. By doing so, you will be able to earn your online money Reddit in the easiest and fastest way.

How to make money online Reddit

How to make money online Reddit

Reddit is known as an online forum where people around the world can go online for free and discuss any topics that they care about from politics, social trends or any crazy pop-up idea coming on their mind.

In Reddit, there are some ways that people can use to earn money online but in this article, we will show you the quickest and easiest way even you are the new member to Reddit community:

  • First of all, you will need to creates a forum thread or topic; there are some ways people are usually call it: sub-Reddit, a subtopic or sub-niche
  • Then, many people from around the world will be able to see your question or discussion and they will leave their comments on this topic
  • Other people will either upvote or downvote the posts and comments

Redditors who make a comment will earn points when their content gets voted up. Otherwise, when the content gets more upvoted, it’ll get a chance to appear as the top of the thread & topic.

These things happen only when other people who read the post or comment think that your content brings value to them.

Reddit is the open & changing community, which can be updated every single second therefore your content can’t stay on top forever. People from all over the world can create new content- the ones are better than yours in just a moment so you also need to keep updating and continue adding value content to stay on the top and earning online money from Reddit.

The reddit community uses the karma system with points. If your content gets upvotes from others, you can earn Karma points. These points can be used as the measurement of your trustworthiness in the community.

In reddit, you can build your community related to a specific niche and then you can get the traffic and promote your product. You can also directly write valuable content for the community and promote your link. But to do all of that, everything you need to do is build your profile and trust.

Tips to make money online Reddit

With over 300 million users worldwide, there surely is a huge market there. You can make money from Reddit if you can drive people from there to your website.

Remember, Redditors hate marketers, so you cannot spam the threads with your links. Here are some Tips to help you get started in using Reddit to drive traffic to your store.

1. Build trust in Reddit

Reddit was known as one of the online money making methods but not everyone knows how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is to bring value to others. While reddit’s owners create an online community for people around the world, they want to create a place where people can help others

The only way you can do this is to create valuable content and make it appear as much as possible on Reddit. Then, when people upvote your content, you will get more and more points and you can create a professional profile.

Of course, you won’t be welcome if you do spam to all topics as a marketer or include some selling links as a seller. Other people will easily recognize that you come to Reddit with the purpose of trying to sell your product. Thus, they will downvote your content and report your account to the reddit moderators

To build trust and make online money Reddit, you can follow these things:    

  • Try to answer the questions with the kindly respond
  • Learn to use the Redditors codes and languages so that you can easily become expert on Reddit
  • Participate in subreddits related to your niche and make helpful answers
  • Trying to upvote and downvote others and provide useful content so you can contribute the quality of the community threads

You can build your reputation when you follow these above things. And then people know about you as an expert with a high reputation,  they will come and check your profile. When you build a professional profile, people will trust you, they see everything about you and believe what you talk and offer. Then, they will come to your  website.

2. Focused on your related niche only

If you are a retailer of woman clothing, focus on your niches because it does not make sense contributing to communities, or sub-reddit, about cosmetic or relationship advice

The suggestion here is you have to find the right subreddit for fashion, woman clothing and then generate valuable content there.

People keep asking how can I make online money with Reddit? But it is a long journey and you have to be patient to go through all steps of the process. Therefore, the tip is trying to increase your Karma point as much as possible (and do not try to sell something in this part, it is not the right time): spending your time to earn points by posting valuable comments and getting upvotes from others

In this way, you can build your profile as the authority and professional of these topics and your voice can have an effect on others.

To build your profile on Reddit as woman clothing expert and make online money, you can follow this way:

  • Create your own thread and become the moderator
  • Provide comment and consultancy to anyone who care and interest in woman fashion and clothing, such as how to find suitable dress for a party or how to spot fake clothing, how to find online discount code, and so much more

Once you are joining Reddit to make online money, remember that never put promotional links or traffic links on your content because it is the quickest way to make your account be reported. Now, anyone on Reddit can spot marketers, sellers or traders and they will be able to smell you from miles away like bloodhounds do.

So when you can earn online money Reddit?

First, you will need to be a member of Reddit for more than three weeks. Once you get a high enough Karma point, you can start to plan for advertising campaigns

When you get 25 Karma points, you can create text posts on Reddit and you can follow the next step to make money online.

3. Create Text Posts Reddit and make online money Reddit

Create Text Posts Reddit and make online money Reddit

Now, you have enough Karma and be allowed to make a text post, which is a thread that you create on Reddit. There is no limitation on this part, which means with your text post, you can post your own blog content, add a link to that blog or even use the Youtube link.

Some people think that they are now can earn online money with Reddit, however there are a lot of people who do it wrong.

When creating text posts, you have to remember to post them on the related subreddit niches to make your online money.

Create Text Posts on Reddit and make online money Reddit

There are some more tips to help you create text posts which will link to your blog or YouTube video.

  • Do not create too short content– people come to Reddit and look for some value content, so you should write the long content and give them what they love to learn, not just by clicking on your link.
  • Attractive titles bring more online money – nothing can impress users than an interested headline to catch attention.
  • Bring value and more – your content must bring value content what users want to know
  • Show your willing attitude. Here is one of the best ways to encourage other Redditors to ask you anything about you, your lives, or the niche you have interest in.


Reddit online money making, always keep in mind that you need to bring value to the Reddit community before trying to sell something. Once you provide valuable content to them, they do not mind if you are trying to make some promotions and linking

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