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Top 5 the best internet marketing tools in 2020

Internet Marketing tools play a very important role in supporting the business owners to promote and develop their online enterprises nowadays. it is the most popular applications that no business owner can ignore.

Top 5 the best internet marketing tools in 2020

Top 5 the best internet marketing tools in 2020

Currently, depending on the demand of approaching customers of each enterprise, the business owners can use different tools to contact and maintain relationships with their potential clients such as: running useful advertisements, sending emails directly, researching the market, creating a list of subscribers. With the significant development of technology, users will be experienced a lot of new tools daily. Therefore, they should find out to know exactly which tools are good and suitable for their website.

Internet marketing tool is a tool that can increase interaction between customers and businesses as quickly through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising. So we are very pleased to share with you the best Internet Marketing Tools today in this article.

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1 . Google Analytics

Top 5 the best internet marketing tools in 2020

Google Analytics is the most essential tool that every enterprise needs to implement internet marketing. It is an SEO support tool provided by Google to help administrators evaluate the current status of their website. Up to now, there are more than 900 million pages from large to small in the world using this tool. Because it is not only free to register and use, but it also brings great benefits to the businesses. Overall, the administrators will take advantage of stats brought by Google Analytics to accelerate sales activities, improving and promptly fixing problems on their site. 

Some essential benefits of Google Analytics:

  • Funnel Visualization feature: you will know which step that customers exit when making a purchase
  • Advanced Segment: used to analyst specific campaigns for your website.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels: you will be provided the accessing sources about how customers know about your site (search, social, direct,…etc)

2. Google Search Console

The next tool that we couldn’t be ignored in this article is Google Search Console, also known as Google Webmaster Tool. GSC is one of the best internet marketing tools to help the administrators improve website performance, as well as supporting SEO campaigns to become more effective.

Some wonderful benefits of Google Search Console:

  • Detect problems in creating the indexes.
  • Understand clearly about sitemaps to support you in creating the best indexes on Google.
  • Report errors in data collection and give the solution.
  • Track and display data about traffic.
  • Statistics of internal links and pointing links to the website

3. Ahref: SEO keyword tool

Ahref has been recognized as the best SEO marketing tool nowadays by professional experts. Initially, this tool will support the administrators in important aspects of SEO such as keyword research, competitors research, track rankings, research outstanding contents,…etc. When users own competition keywords, they can completely create quality content for their site to promote revenue for the enterprise.

This tool not only helps the business owners don’t need to spend a lot of time in finding the trends of customers, but it also links their website to more than 350 000 clients monthly. That isn’t a small number for an online business. In addition, Ahref also supports the administrators in researching entire competitors quickly, finding useful solutions to engage consumers without fear of boring duplication.

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4. SEMRush

If Ahref is the best tool for digital marketing today, then SEMRush will be the most favorite SEO marketing tool. The most prominent feature of this tool is analyzing domain names and be able to compare our website with other competitors. Moreover, from the stats are analyzed from SEMRush, the business owners can evaluate the ranking of their sites and make changes to them for a higher chance of raking.

According to expert analysts, the administrators can observe all the featured articles through a dashboard, keyword related, user shares,…etc to support them in knowing how the online business website is performing. From comments of reviewers, SEMRush helped them increase conversion up to 15% of their content pages.

5. SEO Software Moz

Top 5 the best internet marketing tools in 2020

If the administrator owns an SEO Software Moz tool, then he doesn’t need to play guessing games in the online marketing world. This tool provides information about how your website is performing, even your competitor’s sites, and suggested keywords for the business. Not only that, to say the Moz tool has become the most worthwhile internet marketing tool in recent years because it also tells the administrator exactly what steps they can do to improve the SEO of each content.

Take an example: the Moz tool will remind the administrators to perform something like adding their keyword in this article title, adding keyword alt tag into this image,…etc. From these reference steps, the business owners can take a chance to increase competition with their competitors without losing any time in searching for different methods.

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6. SpyFu

Top 5 the best internet marketing tools in 2020

A lot of SEO experts have concluded that SpyFu is the most detailed analysis tool at the present. This tool offers wonderful features to support administrators in researching quality keywords. Moreover, it shows the number of times that the keyword was searches each month and it also ranks the difficulty of that one. Not only that, but the business owners may also perform some researches on their competitors to find out which keywords they use for the page.

It also provides more information about which paid keywords used by your competitors, how many clicks they have in a month, what are the advertisements they created on Google Adwords. From those stats, the users can find out suitable directions for their website immediately. SpyFu is provided two versions, one is free and the other is paid version.


Those tools mentioned in this article are entire evaluated and analyzed by professional SEO experts. They concluded that each tool will consist of each feature but all of them are really good for an online website. Therefore, online businesses should equip these best internet marketing tools to be able to optimize their websites.

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